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Crystal Pouches - Safe Travel

Chalcedony: Chalcedony’s powers include peace, anti-nightmare, travel & protection. It promotes calm and peaceful feelings and is a creative stone as it opens the mind to new ideas and aids acceptance of new situations.
Yellow Jasper: In general, jasper is a protecting stone, it sustains and supports in time of stress. Specifically yellow jasper supports travel but all jasper will provide protection.
Tiger's Eye - gold: Protection from all forms of danger. Tiger’s Eye is a ‘movement’ stone (shimmers & lustrous). Movement stones are specifically used for travel.
Malachite: This is a traveller’s guardian stone and is particularly powerful in preventing falls. Used in healing for travel sickness.
Copper: Copper is linked to the element of water. It has been used to prevent travel sickness.

Price: $13.50
Crystal Pouches   Safe Travel
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